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Say, everyone's raving about the iPhone, and that's cool and all. But I haven't actually seen one in public yet. Anyone of my pals here have one? You like it? I don't have the $600 to buy one, but it seems a little odd to me that with all the hype, and with all my gadget-obsessed friends, not one of you has told me about or shown me an iPhone. Hell, I haven't even seen on on the Metro, and I see all kinds of phones. Maybe it's because only Verizon works in the tubes.

My RAZR contract runs out next year, I may consider one, depending on how my credit cards get paid off. But I have considered jumping the AT&T ship, too, because man... they suck. I mean, I went to Cingular when Sprint was sucking so hard it gave me hickies, but then AT&T bought them out.

"You may think phone service stinks since deregulation, but don't mess with us, because we're all you've got. In fact, if we fold, you'll have no damn phones. AT&T - we're tired of taking your crap!" -- from a fake ad in the film "Crazy People."
Tags: at&t, cingular, iphone
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