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Greg Behrendt and friends

I swear none of this is a lie! Should that be a disclaimer? Well, if I was a liar, I'd be lying anyway, so...

This weekend, we went to the DC Improv to see Greg Behrendt. "We" was a clan of people, with me and takayla, anyarm and Brian, cyaneyed James, and mysticpaws. Brad was supposed to join us, but he got the flu.

I was in poor form that night. I got our band lost on the way there, and then abruptly left mysticpaws as we left without saying goodbye. I am sorry, mysticpaws, I was scatterbrained and plain rude.

The venue was pretty good. It seems the Improv is packing people in tighter and tighter as the years go by. Even though we had good seats (thanks to takayla ordering early, we were one row behind the stage), the tables and surrounding crowd made it difficult to use the table. Seven of us were packed around two tables the size of large dinner plates, and there was a "two item minimum" which had me paying $8.95 for a quesadilla and $2.50 for a Diet Pepsi. yeah, I know, that's about normal for such venues, but its irritating nonetheless.

The acts were pretty good. They had a girl named "EJ" who was the Emcee and did a 20 minute routine of her own. She was pretty good; she had a good set. Then there was a Chris Fairbanks, who was hit and miss with his "stream of consciousness" style of comedy. I think half the time he lost us as an audience, but there were peaks of his funniness that really hit the mark and I was laughing hysterically. I kept feeling like he needed more polish before he performed his act. Greg was the main act, and he went on for about an hour and a half. I heard half his jokes before, and some of his relationship humor played on unfair stereotypes of men and women, but as I have always found, that stuff sells. He projected a great confidence, and looked damn good. He is one handsome man in person. Some of his new stuff was good, too. My favorite was the guy that should be in your head to stop making drunk-dial calls to ex-girlfriends. I won't spoil it, go buy his DVD "Uncool."

On the way back, we met some VERY drunk mundanes; two of them were bleeding because they were wearing spiked heels and fell several times. Most of them couldn't have been over 22 years of age.
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