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Can I ask you guys a favor?

My cousin, who works for various museum in Sweden, has asked me to check the English on this translation that will be on a sign about Peter Artedi that will placed outside the local museum of Anundsjö nearby Örnsköldsvik. Sven's English is pretty good, actually, but I think he wants an extra set of eyes since English is not his native language. For something this important, my English and proof skills are not so hot (as this blog will attest). Keep in mind, he's not looking for a rewrite, just comprehension, spelling, and grammar. Already I see "cataloging" is not spelled right (in US English, either):

Peter Artedi was born in 1705 in a vicarage at Norrmesunda in this parish Anundsjö. He died in Amsterdam 1735.

Peter Artedi is known as the father of ichthyology (the study of fishes).

In 1724 Peter Artedi started his studies in the University of Uppsala. His aim was to study theology but he turned his attention to medicine and natural history. When Carolus Linneus, a few years later came to the same university, he made himself acquainted with Artedi after he had heard that Peter Artedi was the student that “outshines all the others”.

In 1732 Peter Artedi left Uppsala for London and got access to the great collection of fishes that belonged to Hans Sloane, president of the Royal society.

Artedi accidentally drowned at Amsterdam, where he was engaged in cataloguing the collections of Albertus Seba, a wealthy Dutchman.

According to an agreement between Linnaeus and Artedi, Artedi´s manuscripts came into the hands of Linnaeus, and his Bibliotheca Ichthyologica and Philosophia Ichthyologica, together with a life of the author, were published at Leiden in 1738.
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