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I never really have dull weekends

Someone once told this to me. "Your blog always has interesting things going on." Maybe that's why that one anonymous guy thought I was a liar last week. /shrug. Anyway, onto more bullshit.

So, I was on my million dollar yacht, talking to Jane Mansfield and Bigfoot, when....

Okay, more mundane bullshit... :)

On Saturday, I saw "Death at a Funeral," which is a very British comedy. And by that I mean either you will get it or be bored by it. I rather liked it because it was one of those rare pieces of writing I have seen where everything knits together and has very efficient sub-plots. A lot of writing that has more than 3 characters tends to have superfluous characters who could be written out rather quickly. But this was one of those plots where each character had an important part that all wove together in such a seamless way, you can't re-tell the story one sub plot at a time. Another film like this was "Ruthless People," about a kidnapping, blackmail gone wrong for several people, and some very stupid crooks. And you can't tell that story in a straight line, either. "So, they send the tape to the sheriff to prove this guy killed his wife, but the blackmailer really filmed the sheriff having sex with a prostitute, but was too scared to watch. But the wife was never killed, she was kidnapped by some former employees of the guy, who are holding her for ransom, but the guy doesn't want her back, but pretends he does to the cops, because he hired the guys who filmed the killing to do the killing..."

Funny stuff. I recommend both films.

Saturday night, I finally got to go to Cosmic Bowling. That was a lot of fun. I have some photos here. I'd really like to bowl more, and I think that's some American Scandinavian heritage in me, since I have also recently taken an interest in polka as well, even if it has an odd bridge I took to get there.
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