punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Awwww... crap

So, Fresh Fields had a sale on Icelandic chocolate. I loved Icelandic chocolate when I was last there in 1996. So I got a bar from a box labeled "Milk Chocolate." When I opened it back at my desk and bit into it, it tasted terrible. That's when I looked at the wrapper and it said, "Baker's Chocolate: Bittersweet."

See, I dislike bitter chocolate. Don't debate with me about it, either, because every time I say that, I meet some dark chocolate aficionado who tries to convince me it's superior to milk chocolate until I pummel them with my meaty fists like a gorilla on a gas can.

It's apparent I didn't read the wrapper when I pulled it from the box, and this variety has a plain butcher paper wrapper where almost all the bars look the same except for small text below the logo. I hope the asshat who put the wrong bar in the milk chocolate display box eats some spoiled food and spends the rest of the day wondering if they are going to throw up.... no wait, maybe not... oh, yes yes yes... OH MY GOD... maybe not, okay... if I just sit here...

As a closet wiccan, I feel the curse must match the crime.
Tags: angst, chocolate
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