punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Random IM today

Names changed to protect the innocent(-ish). Maybe have also changed description of him, but the real description was just as funny (but sadly, would give away his nickname).

(3:56:46 PM) tth : I am feeling better about asking that player to leave the group
(3:57:05 PM) punkwalrus : who was it?
(3:57:12 PM) punkwalrus : I am so far out of the loop
(3:57:17 PM) tth : Big Beard
(3:57:22 PM) tth : Big Beard McCrumbsinmycrack
(3:57:25 PM) punkwalrus : I don't know if I knew him
(3:57:45 PM) tth : you probably ran into him at castle and evecon
(3:57:48 PM) punkwalrus : Oh yeah. Big guy with a pegleg, a scar from ear to ear, and a hook? Spoke with a Russian accent and smelled like Mountain Dew and Twinkies? :-P
(3:58:04 PM) tth : no, we would have kept him in the group

It reminded me of this moment from M*A*S*H:

Hawkeye (regarding the requisition of the incubator being denied): We're not asking for a jukebox or a pizza oven.
Captain Sloan: Oh, those I can let you have.
Henry: No kidding! Hey, those would be great on movie nights. You got any pizza requisition forms?
Captain Sloan: Just use the standard S stroke 1798 and write in 'Pizza' where it says 'Machine Gun
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