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Labor Day

People shouldn't have to work on Labor Day. I mean, yesterday, I saw so many places saying they would be open on labor Day, and I feel pretty pissed off that some people have to work Labor Day that don't need to. A Hospital Emergency Room? Absolutely. BJ's prescription lens counter? No. Let those people go.

I spent Saturday watching a Dr. Who marathon on BBC America with takayla, and spent Sunday with takayla, tth, aylin, gypsy_sylvin, Chris, and some people I had met before, but forgotten, Dave and April, making this the FOURTH April I have met.

I didn't know I got the day off until last week. I mean, I always knew, but I forgot. And this micro-vacation comes at a good time, because the next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy. All this week, I am going to have to be completing my notes for TriadCon, where yours truly will be doing almost a dozen panels on game writing and player management for MSD. It is a record for me for the most panels at any convention, beating a Castlecon where I did 10 (including emceeing the costume call and hosting Opening Ceremonies). It's funny, I haven't really been an avid gamer since 1990, and they KEEP BRINGING ME BACK IN!!! Heh. Okay, if I really minded? I wouldn't be doing it, now, would I? The company is my primary reason, to be honest, and also to get my name out there, sell my book, schoomze, etc... TriadCon is held on the campus at the University of Maryland. I hope they have wireless. :)

I hope to spend the evening in DC on Tuesday, 9/11, to end the miserable day of remembrance with some standup. ninjacooter and I will be studying others on Open Mic night at the Riot Act in DC. NOTE: We are not performing yet! We are studying the environment to see what works in the venue and what doesn't. I already have some bits written, but I want to see what kind of audience to expect. My act needs polish, and I want to make sure it does not glare. I hope it's not affected by the massive strike planned for that day.

Then, the next weekend, takayla and I are going to New Orleans. I am praying for a hurricane-free next few weeks. There's something fairly important and personal we have to do there, but for the most part, it's going to be a mini-vacation, and I am REALLY looking forward to it. I have never been there, but takayla has been there, and she's going to show me around.
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