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I can only speak for where I am, but wireless here sucks. So I am not sure how I will post to my blog in what may be kind of a slow day for me. Heh, I could get some writing done, I guess.

Last night, I met aylinn at Metro Center, where we proceeded to get to Shady Grove, meet tth, and then we drove to gypsy_sylvin and Chris' apartment. We had a small meeting, I got my MSD shirt (which after wearing for a few hours now, I suspect was not washed, and worn previously by a sweaty person), and then a few of ate at the Germantown Red Robin where I had a very tasty burger. We then went to bed at midnight to get up at 5am... oh, wait... no one got the pumps for the inflatable beds.

So after a shopping trip later, we had said pumps and got to sleep around 1:30am, which meant I really didn't get up until 5:30am, breakfast was late, we got lost finding the University of Maryland's south dining hall (where TriaDCon is being run) and I didn't get here until about 8:15, 15 minutes late for my first panel.

Which was okay, because so far, only a trickle of people have showed up. Like less than 20. And the TriadCon staff are not exactly sure where panels are being run, so they put me in "the Gazebo" for now. I hope this is not really where my panels are because... well, it's a gazebo in the middle of a dining hall. It has a HUGE white pillar in the middle, so any panel I would do here would have to be a "theater in the round," which I can do, but is not ideal. Plus I am surrounded by tables outside the gazebo, which right now some merchants are setting up (and due to their lack of security basics, one has just announced they have $200 in petty cash), and a few gamers have started tables.

As I type this, I have this fear the panels are elsewhere, and I am late to it. But that's probably stupid, considering the lack of people so far. I let tth know where I was, so hopefully I won't look like a flake if someone says, "Where the hell is Punkie? Teh bastid!"

How can the Triadcon staff not know where panels are? And if it is in the gazebo (which was a group vote among the staff at the registration), why a gazebo? My loud voice is going to piss off the people around me who are trying to game. The program book doesn't list the room (it lists where other tourneys are being held, just not where anything else is), and has no map, which makes a little sense considering there's only two large rooms where anything is held (as far as I know). What a mess. Thank goodness we only expect around 200 people. For MSD, this is a kind of "get our name out there" con, so it's not a serious brand recognition call like we do at, say, Icon or GenCon.
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