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Shortly after that post, a pleasant man named Dr. Otto Schmidt came by, and we talked about humor and gaming for about 40 minutes. Sure my panel was supported to be 8-9, but he’s running a game and wanted to talk to me specifically. He had heard of me from other cons, and it’s good to meet a fan, but he also runs a humor gaming group on Yahoo (Order of the Daisy or something), so I’ll check that out if I ever get Internet access here.

Really, it kind of sucks that my Internet, at a college in 2007, can’t connect. I have a fairly decent card, too; it usually can hang onto a flaky connection with minimal fuss. I have my “work laptop” with me because the old and busted travel laptop battery has seen better days, and can only hold a charge for like 30 minutes. I hope that I can find a better connection somewhere else in the building on my breaks.

Did I mention the south dining hall is under construction? Yeah, half of it is blocked off with frosted plastic tarp. They say the dining hall will open, but so far, it’s been shut down and I see NO staff. When I got here, I had to go through the catering entrance and kitchen, and buddy... I don’t think this cafeteria is up to health code. Wow. Deep grime filthy back there. I mean, up front it’s okay, but the kitchen is dirtier that a condemned oil rig. They say that the con will have free soda and cookies, but so far, I have seen no food. Not that I want to sustain on soda and cookies, but a few treats would be nice.
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