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At 10:30, a guy named “George” showed up for my “Problem Players.” George was very direct, loud, and touchy-feely. While I appreciated his enthusiasm, it was obvious that he’s a very non-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t have a lot of time. The moment he left, I also left.

I was met exiting the building by someone who promised me “up to” $90/hr to be an activist. He was posting some flyers to this effect, but decided to confront me directly about this exciting opportunity. He also would not let go. I countered with the, “I am not a student here,” which was dumb, because of course he didn’t care. He started his spiel and did the “this guy is afraid to interrupt me” angle which I countered with, “I make more than $90/hr now. Why would I take a pay cut?” (I don’t, shhhhhh). He had an answer for that too, trying to tug at my heartstrings about some activist project that he never specified. “If your cause is so great, why do you have to pay? Why don’t people come to you?” He said, without missing a beat, that he didn’t know, it was “CRAZY!” because the opportunities were so great! Then he started with “there are some lazy people who don’t want to work 20 hours a week doing nothing!” Then he asked what my job was.

“Security,” I said. “Come to think of it, are you supposed to be here?” He got visibly upset, and told me to have a nice day under his breath, and left. Haw. I fucking hate scammers that prey on college students.

I went to the other side of the dining hall to hook up with the MSD gang. They did have free soda on the other side, but there’s a sign that says you are allow no refills. I drank water. Cookies are coming later, I was told. I spoke with tth for a bit before someone from NOVAG came by looking for articles. I might write a few, if MSD wants me to. Poor tth, he’s so sleep deprived. He said he got like 3 hours of sleep the night before, and 2 hours the night before that, and last night, he only got the 3 hours after driving around to find air pumps for the mattress.

I tried to get wireless on that side. The unsecured UMD SSID sent me to a login page, so it wasn’t really public. I mean, I could have possibly hacked it (I sniffed some consecutive MACs with that network), but this is a work laptop, and I don’t want to try anything traceable, heh. I don’t even have the tools on this laptop other than Network Stumbler. I saw a few other unsecured networks, but none offered DHCP. The rest were secured. Looks like I may be net-free this weekend unless the hotel lets me connect. :(.

Nancy’s Buttons has a table here! Nancy has sort of leased out the business, which is GOOD!

On the way back to my gazebo, I stopped by the cafeteria, now open. I got some chicken strips and fries. One register didn’t accept cash, but only ID cards, and the cash line was loooong. UMD has gotten a lot more secure since I have been here. Also noticeable was one of those moments where a lot of my more sexually charged friends would have enjoyed as scantily clad college students pranced around in their bedheads and casual wear. I recall a disturbing but funny saying that watching high school or college kids was awesome as an older male because, “I may get older, but they stay the same age...” or something. It’s funny, I recall looking at college kids as “adults” as a kid. But when I looked over the groggy Saturday student masses, all I could think is, “They’re just kids. Holy God, they are all just kids living like adults!”

Heh, I can relate. What will I be when I grow up? I keep thinking how drawn I am to college life, but I lack the time and money to pursue it. Part of me wonders if I won’t feel “grown up” until I actually go back and spend 4 years in college. That was ripped from me by circumstance back in 1987.

When I got back to my side, I saw the “flea market” has expanded in my room from three tables to half the room by now. It’s blocking off half the gazebo as it wraps around. They sealed it off with chairs to kind of corral people, and as I typed this, there’s some cheap bastard complaining about the selection of used games.
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