punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


I am sooooo bored! I meant to bring my RHCE book for RH 5.0, but I left it in my luggage in tth‘s car. No one has showed up for my “New Players” panel. At about 1, I think I will go back to the other side for my hour-long break. tth is joining me at 3 for another panel on “Villains and Opponents.” This con doesn’t end until at least 10pm, since tth’s panel ends then. The MSD table ends at 5pm, but then everyone breaks for panels and games.

So far, the con total hasn’t reached 100. Apparently they do better in bad weather, and later there’s rain scheduled. But the flea market has been pretty popular; they seem to have half the stock they started with.
Tags: conventions, msd, triadcon
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