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So, I did some brief table duty (that is, hung around the table), attended a few of my panels where no one showed up, and there is a growing dissent among the ranks that this con was not what tth was promised. Don’t get me wrong, this is a GOOD con, it’s a gaming and miniatures con, about 100-150 people packed into two sides of a dining hall, BUT it’s not good for MSD. We did make table cost back, but not hotel cost so far. Business is slow, gaming demos are almost vacant, but tables are pretty packed. As I type this, we’re bailing at 9:15 even though we technically have demos and panels until 10pm.

Some of the miniatures setups are awesome. I left my camera at home, so I have been trying to get some pictures from my cell phone, but they will be approximate ideas at best. The DETAIL people put into these sets rival some of the most careful of museum displays. I’d have to have a camera good at closeups, and I assure you; they would look like areal photos of real places.

My cell phone has been straining to get a signal. I have sent some photos to my Flickr account, but most of them have been timing out due to shitty signal strength in the building (outside, it’s fine). My battery was full this morning, now it’s almost dead.

A lot of us are dead on our feet, even though we haven’t moved much. The dining hall is hot, stale, and smells a little like cooking grease. Four of us have only had 4 hours of sleep. I had to suspend my ban on sodas in my diet, and I have swigged almost a liter and a half, I’d say, of free Mountain Dew. WOOO! GOD I love that drink! DAMN I love it. It’s bad for me as hell, but it’s been the saving grace of me wanting to run away screaming during periods of boredom.

It really occurs to me that not only is boredom a MORTAL enemy of my sanity, the fact of how addicted I am to the Internet is a little alarming. I think I may try for an “Internet free weekend” soon to see how I do.

Some people have already bailed. For instance, gypsy_sylvin and her fiancee Chris are going home to sleep in their own bed. Jami is leaving for good, since she’s behind in schoolwork. I went to get “last call” of the cafeteria (which is run by some of the most surly and unfriendly people I have seen in a while), and got two fish fillets. I have eaten terribly, and my tummy feels it. Soda and fried foods are all I have eaten for the last 24 hours. I know Chris R has to leave early tomorrow, but he’s staying the night.

I know this kind of lifestyle is difficult, and tth and aylinn do this more in a year than I ever will in my whole life. I feel blessed to be allowed to be with them during these journeys, and endure the small arguments set off by lack of sleep crankiness.

I bought some dice. I know I rarely use dice these days, but I found two sets of dice I had to have. As a kid, I loved a good set of pyrohedral dice. The last set I got I “splurged” a whopping $7 for two sets of “pre-inked, pre-rounded, semi-hardened, high-impact, translucent European polymer dice” from some dealer probably at Balticon in 1986 or something. The last set I’d ever get I told myself, and I liked them so much, I got a suede bag to hold them. Well, I got another set because they were just too gorgeous: transparent turquoise with iridescent green glitter giving a hint of an opalescent shine.

I also got a pair of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” dice (dodecahedrons) because that was too funny not to for just two bucks.

As I type this, we’re bailing even earlier: we were awaiting a shipment of miniatures from Matt and Moria, and now they are being moved from their vehicles into ours.

“Some days, you just got to open the door and roll the grenade in...” is a quote I heard today.
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