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This entry I'd like to call, "Anatomy of a Failure." While what happened this morning is really not that big of a deal, it's an explanation of why we didn't wake up at 6:30.

Last night, we were all dog tired. We got to sleep around 11:30. We had set a wakeup call at the front desk to wake us up at 6:30.

- tth did not set his cell phone alarm because he assumed the hotel would call us at 6:30.
- aylinn did not set her cell phone alarm, because he speaker died yesterday
- Chris R turned off his cell phone because Ludachris (the MSD employee, not the rapper) kept text messaging him into the night
- I did not set my cell phone alarm because I assumed everyone else would, and earlier that morning my cell phone went off, and it pissed everyone off, because there was a silent group decision to stay asleep for 30 extra minutes (this is not a complaint, I know how these things go)

And then the hotel didn't call us.

I woke up around 6:36, and looked at my watch. "That can't be right," is the only thing I remember thinking. At 7:10, tth woke us up. I had to go to the bathroom, grab a quick shower, and take advantage of the free continental breakfast in the hotel lobby (which was DUMB because I keep forgetting I can't eat until 1-2 hours after I wake up, but I stole some bananas for later and drank some coffee).

I HAD to take a shower; that shirt's funk was stuck to my back even though I took it off the night before. After I investigated the shirt, I discovered the central source of the smell was behind the huge iron-on logo on the back. It was a huge patch of sweat and mildew. I tried to scrub my back in a quick shower, but as I put on my pants, I realized the smell had dripped down my back and into my jeans. My ONLY pair of jeans, which had just been washed before I left for this trip. While as I type this, the smell is a lot less, but just a hint of it is making me ill. I think it's my mildew allergy; I am really sensitive to that smell. I am not having an allergic reaction except the itching where the iron-on touched me, and that went away when I took the shirt off last night. Nobody else can smell it (so they say), so I think it's just me (thank God).
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