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tth had an agreement that if we made $300 more, we got to go home early. We made it by noon. Nobody attended any of our morning panels, and when two major game systems moved their table to the other side of the dining hall, only the flea market kept the gazebo side from being complete empty.

I ended up having an incredibly long and detailed discussion about depression with Sue Cochran of filk fame. She was the one running the Nancy Button table, and she told me about her life, and I told her about mine. She is a very fascinating person. We talked a lot about Nancy a lot, too. I have known Nancy since 1984 or so, and while Sue has only know her since 1999, she knew a lot of stuff about Nancy's family I had NO idea about, and while none of it was surprising, it reminded me that I haven't sat down with Nancy and worked her table in a long, long time. I need to do this next Balticon.

But all day, I kept smelling sweaty mildew. No one else could smell it but me. Mildew has a very psychologically deep impact one me because my room growing up was soaked in mildew, and my father's yacht was also a mildew trap. In fact, all my things still from my childhood still have the barest hint of mildew (except for the stuff I got when I lived with a smoker for 4 months; THAT still smells of tobacco smoke even 20 years later). Mildew is a very negative smell for me, and mixed with sweat, it's a terrible thing for me to be exposed to for any length of time. Not just the allergies I have with it (luckily, I brought my Zyrtec, which seemed to kill the rash on my back, or at least the itching), but the memories of my room, rank and secluded like a dungeon trap where my parents could burst in at any time.

I am typing this on the Metro on the way home. I have seen others do this on my daily commute, but it sucks. By the time you read this, I will be home. Metro is running slow... again. The Green line was delayed for some reason unspecified, and they have had announcements that the Orange Line is delayed due to a broken switch at West Falls Church. An adorable set of children sit across from me. Large-eyed and Hispanic, I think they are 1 and 4. I love listening to their Spanish.

Well, we just got above ground, and the sun has washed out my LCD screen.
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