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Triadcon, the summary and wrapup

I didn’t like the con, BUT it was not geared for me. The honest feeling I have was apart from the moments with MSD and suecochran, the convention was dreadfully boring and there were times I wanted to scream and run away. But I knew that going in, so there were few surprises.

The good:
- Free soda and fresh-baked cookies
- The Mountain Dew never ran out
- UMD campus is very nice, made me wish I got to go to college all over again
- I got a lot of work-related reading done on Sunday
- MSD people are very fun (see thanks below)
- Long talk with suecochran about depression and family
- I sold a book
- I got some dice and buttons
- I found I had installed Sim City 4 on my work laptop, and never took out the CD, so I had many relaxing hours of successful agrarian-based cities going
- I got to take my wife out on a date afterwards and saw some of her nice cleavage

The bad:
- No guest access to wireless, and general wireless and cell reception was very bad.
- LOTS of stairs!
- The con was split in half because of the cafeteria hours.
- Long periods of boredom
- I forgot my camera, had to use cell phone camera to prove I really saw these things, and some pictures didn’t turn out.
- UMD cafeteria seemed to have poorly-made food, heavy on the fried stuff (which they overcooked), they ran out of other stuff like sandwiches and the like, their salad bar was filled with limp and slightly spoiled produce, the staff was very rude, and the kitchen back there is filthy. The tray return systems belt kept breaking, and leftovers would flood into the dining hall.
- A really stinky tee-shirt I wore reminded me of childhood trauma, and the smell never went away until I got home and used a scrubber on my skin
- Some nerds are really annoying. I know I am a nerd, but there’s my kind of nerd and then there’s the kind that confuse any molecule of attention with a release of years of built up socially stunted clinging, unbalanced sense of humor, unabashed arrogance in certain subjects, and whiffs of unclean breath. While there were probably only two dozen out of two hundred like this, they seemed to find me a lot.

Thanks to MSD people:
- tth for his continued support
- aylinn for the steak and mushroom quesadillas on Sunday
- gypsy_sylvin for her hospitality
- Chris D for the coffee Saturday morning
- Chris R for the rides and introspective commentary
- Jami for her conversation and persistence in education
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