punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Waking dream

I debated posting this. I hope no one freaks out.

During the summer, I don't usually wear my music player because I usually don't have a place to put it (in the winter, it fits in my coat pocket: my torso is too tall to clip it on my waist), but this time I was using my jogger's arm strap because I really just didn't want to face people. It all started when some dude was trying to bum money off of me on the Red Line, and got all bent out of shape that I didn't have any, and felt the need to explain to everyone that I was like every other rich white man trying to keep his people DOWN... whatever, dude. Nobody else seemed to pay attention to him, thankfully, and he shut up when a guy in a Metro vest came on board and then exited at Union Station. So I put on my jogger's armband and just rushed onto the Orange Line.

Sadly, there was no place to sit because there had been another breakdown earlier, and everything was backed up. Somebody in our car was "baking brownies" as Eric Cartman once put it. Waves of poo-gas wafted about we all tried to find the source of the phantom windbreaker. Whomever it was got off at East Falls Church.

I was trying to be in my own little world, listening to techno on my MP3 player, and even though I was standing up, I think I kind of dozed off. As I watched out the window to I-66 (the train runs parallel to a major highway), I swore I started to see waves of people walking down the tracks. Not workers, but people dressed like a random assortment of citizens from 1970 to the present day. I remember thinking, "These are the spirits of all the people who have died along this road. They are all walking to DC for tomorrow. What happens tomorrow?" But then as I realized I was seeing hundreds of ghosts whiz by, and wondered if they weren't heading towards something as much as fleeing away from something else I was heading towards, I snapped awake, and didn't see anyone anymore.

I know it was a daydream, but it felt so real. After spending some time freaked out about it, I remembered tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the biggest attack on mainland US soil by foreigners since the War of 1812. Hope you all make it through.
Tags: 9/11, dc, ghosts, metro
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