punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I am mad at my dog

It's bad enough he's a crabby ass Peke-a-sneeze sometimes and is obsessed with food, but Ahfu runs away a lot. This is the second time since we have lived here he escaped from our back yard. This time he dug under the fence behind our house in a matter of minutes and fled into the back alley.

Last time, someone left the gate open, and he wandered around the neighborhood. A very kind neighbor a few blocks away found him and called us. This time, he wandered to the 7-11, and a very kind family called us. I think we are damn lucky he doesn't get his stupid ass run over. Of course, he's all happy with his adventure.

Thank God we have dogs tags with our cell and address on them. He's also registered with our vet, and has an ID number tattooed on the back of his leg in case he gets rid of his collar.

Ungrateful hound. >:-{
Tags: afhu
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