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Curiouser and curiouser

My 20th high school reunion comes up in October, and already some odd things have started to happen. I got in touch with a late friend of mine's sister after an almost 10 year lapse of communication. We were talking about a period of my life that is best left quiet, if anything, to protect the other people involved. :D Seriously, some of them have asked me not to go on about it, like a friend's heroin addiction, and someone else who is a former senator's daughter who asked me to eliminate her real name from my blog (although we're still friends, and I respect her wish; it's a clearance thing). But while talking to this old pal from wayback, I was reminded of a detour we took one bored night around the main drag of Vienna.

When I was a kid, I knew somewhere near Vienna around here was a midget village. There was debate whether this place was populated BY midgets, or was named that for other reasons. I was only there once in the dark. I think it was across from some middle school off Cedar Lane in an area called "Wedderburn" (there was a farmer's market there until the recent development). I recall some unusual trees, small Spanish-style houses, and some dirt roads with some small mailboxes out front. It's hard to find any central source about this; the story was the Midget village was supposedly spawned when Ringling Brothers was headquartered in Bailey's Crossroads, but a lot of people say this was made up, or was only temporary. My memory of the property is filtered from age (I was like 12,13 at the time), and the Internet is full of conflicting stories.

But while researching this, I found this instead:

Lost counties, cities, and towns of Virginia
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