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New Orleans - Day 2

We got up early this morning... ow... and headed over to the Gray Bus Tours and toured around New Orleans. The tour was okay, but like a lot of tours I have taken here so far, there's a lot of self-mugging schmaltz. This tour guide claimed he was the reason Steven King wrote "Bag of Bones." After the tour, we walked around the New Orleans French Quarter, and stopped at the Tea Room and got our cards read. My reading was kinda meh.

Honestly? I have had better readings from random friends and strangers at conventions than I get when I pay for it. Now both Salem and New Orleans have left me a little wanting in the whole "professional psychic" department. Most of them try too hard and I know how the game is played; I have read on Houdini's debunking processes. But I think some girl in a hotel lobby at Balticon has less to lose and will take more risks than some guy in a booth who will get some things right and then totally try and psyche me out when they get something wrong. And the girl at Balticon will also either admit she's wrong, or stay the course like, "I keep seeing this!" where as the guy I had backtracked on his own words and... well, he did get some things right, which was weird. Like he knew my age and how long I had been married. But he also said I had 3 kids, was a twin, and worked for myself and my business wasn't doing so well. Meh.

Tonight, we're going out to Bourbon Street. If you never hear from us again, you'll know why. Not that we'll get drunk, but the crowds will swallow us whole. :)

Oh, pictures!
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