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New Orleans - Days 3 & 4

I did have time to summarize day #3 as we had a bit of an incident. Sadly, not the fun kind where your old Uncle Punkie ended up drunk and face down in the gutter in front of "Larry Flint's Barely Legal" (I swear, that really is the name of a strip joint here), but while checking up back home, we found out CR was not doing better.

See, he's been sick for about a week. He was getting better when we left, but sometime Saturday his health took a downturn and, well, long story short, he ended up in the emergency room. It's really hard to manage your child's health and well being from over 1100 miles away, but I would like to deeply thank our friend Gay, anyarm, and Brian for making sure he was taken care of and got his medication. He's better now, but the long of the short is that his asthma kicked his ass with a huge burst of ragweed pollen in the area coupled with a severe drop in temperature. Because this drama played out Saturday night, we did not go to Bourbon Street, which was just as well, because I ended up with some sinus headache from hell.

Both of us are better now. And, due to a side effect of the steroids, CR is no longer a vegetarian. He had a nearly 4 year run doing this, but the stress on his body due to lack of protein and options anywhere he wanted to eat outside of the house being limited, he has officially ended his vegetarian lifestyle, beating most college students, and only falling short of long term reigns behind people who grew up vegetarian and those who have no choice based on their living conditions. I am really proud of him for keeping it up this long, and to my friends who are still vegetarian, I have deep respect for your chosen struggle.

Sunday takayla and I went around the French Quarter, and then went to a spa and got massages. My massage was okay, but it wasn't spectacular. We spent some time down in that area, which seemed to be a college town area, where shops were closed on Sunday. We ended up going to CC's, which is their coffee chain here, a little like Starbucks, only not. It's like a Taco Bell Express of coffee houses, manned by the kind of people one expects from minimum wage.

We got back to the hotel, got some rest, and then spent the evening on Bourbon Street. For those not in the know, Bourbon Street is their main party central. During Mardi Gras, it's a shitty packed mess of drunken college kids, alcohol in plastic cups, puddles of vomit, and lots ands lots of young and perky titties. Off season, it's only slightly less subdued. The night we went, you could actually walk the street, and the vomit smell mixed with the smell of fryer grease to make an unpleasant melange that masked the "stripper smell" that wafted from the various establishments. Bourbon street is like 90% strip joints and booze. The other 10% is actually quite pleasant, and we spent the night listening to a group named "Steamboat Willie" play in a courtyard called "Cafe Beigniet." Admittedly, I am curious as to what I might experience at a place called "Big Daddies Bottomless/Topless," but the thought of obnoxious cover charges and skanks with skinny butts wanting me to slide some Jacksons down their crack was a bit too daunting.

After that, we took our tired asses to bed.

Monday morning, we had some business to take care of before we headed back out. We spent the last remaining hours before we had to return our car rental in the French Quarter. As I type this paragraph, we're back in the terminal at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, waiting for our plane. There's a HUGE HD TV with a giant windows ntoskernel GPF on the screen where flight info should be. Hahahahahaa.... I discretely took a picture with my cell phone, and sent it to my Flickr account.

The mission to New Orleans was successful, especially on such a short notice, thanks mostly to takayla who handled where we needed to be with tact and precision. This trip would not have been possible without her.
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