punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From the "You can't make this shit up" department

I posted a while back about the idiot that Kirk Cameron hangs around stating the banana was proof of God's plan, but this is even better.

The fact that peanut butter does not spontaneously grow new life, except when introduced from an outside source like fungus is proof, apparently, that evolution is wrong.

Man, I just have to say that while I realize this moron in a monkey suit does NOT represent mainstream Christianity, it is people like him that are ruining the Christian faith. Really. If I believed in the devil? I'd say he infected an infiltrated Christianity in the form of Evangelists. I'd say the devil is in these people, leading flocks astray from the true nature of God's amazing, self-regulating creation (a.k.a. science). But I am not Christian, and I think the devil is a subconscious manifestation of anti-civility and represents short term, child-like goals where good and evil are simplified, externalized, and in control of the few in charge.
Tags: christian, evolution, video
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