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Weekend Wrapup: Thisby, Katsu, power, CR

Well, I was on call this weekend, so I didn’t do much exciting. Oh, wait, I got cat food!

My cats are sooooooooooooooo friendly to me when they are out of food. Oh, even Thisby becomes friendly. She lets me pick her up and everything without goring me in the process. Thisby also attacked a cat for the first time: she jumped on Cosmo! It’s funny, that poor cat has spent so much of her life under the bed, that now she’s more out and about, she’s learning how to be a cat for the first time at age 8. She’s more and more curious about things than she used to be, although she’s still easily spooked. For instance, cat “fights” have been her new curiosity. Some of my cats fight, but not really. Most of it is wrestling, swatting, and dominance games; no yowling or fur flying. Cosmo and Taboo were hashing it out over a small clump of yarn, and Thisby, for reasons we can only speculate, jumped on Cosmo. But not like a swat, more like a leap of a flying squirrel that landed on Cosmo as awkwardly as a sack of rice. It scared the SHIT out of Cosmo, who was a surprised as the rest of us that Thisby had done anything. Thisby, who also surprised at the action, immediately ran off. It sure ended that fight. We think Thisby is sweet on Taboo, and was defending him.

Saturday, we went to the Katsu meeting in Baltimore (they have network access, so I was allowed to go). Some very important discussions and announcements were made, but I don’t know what can be public, so I won’t say anything. I was glad I went. There was some discussion about the Opening Ceremonies Movie: it can’t be done in the form we wanted due to time and personnel constraints. I had discussion with Alex who wanted a small five minute film “What We Do” sort of thing, and he’s going to see if he can budget some software for me to edit it. At the con, I am going to do Opening Ceremonies and AMV again (if asked), but to fill out some time to earn my way, I am also going to be working the staff suite.

After that, takayla and I had sushi. The Sakura (which, I have to point this out, is pronounced SAH-koo-ra, not “Sah-KYER-ah” or “Sah-kyur-a”, it’s Japanese for “Cherry blossom”) is a favorite place of ours ever since the Hama Sushi shipped all their good chefs to their newer DC restaurant. There is a waitress there named Eunice who sometimes has a Hello Kitty-themed obi. She’s almost always there. Like, she’s the hardest working girl I have ever seen. In the years that we ate there, she made her first mistake she has made with us, ever. I wanted to order “Blue Crab” Nigiri, but I got the “Giant Clam” (mirugai) instead. Ew. I mean, I’ll try anything at least once, but giant clams are safe from me for a very long time. It was rubbery and tasteless, just like tako (octopus) which I have tried in several different forms and it still tastes like I’m eating a pencil eraser. Eunice corrected the mistake without question, although I feel guilty having wasted mirugai (which is expensive) but... blecch.

I got Lego gummies at BJ’s. They did not stack. I am very disappointed.

Sunday I had some plans to clean and do laundry, but then we lost power. So we made plans to go to Starbucks, because CR’s nebulizer requires power. Then we got our power back. Crisis averted, although we still went to Starbucks.

But, CR is not doing too well. Last week, he went to the doctor, and while they can see his asthma problems in X-rays (like windpipe restrictions) they can’t find the cause (no pneumonia so far). He’s been on steroids, and then more powerful steroids, but he hasn’t been able to stay off his nebulizer (a machine that pumps medicine vapors via face mask) of more than a few hours. And the specialist is always busy. We had to fight like mad to get him to get an “emergency” appointment on Tuesday (from Thursday); usually they have a one-month waiting list. The general prediction is that it’s a bad cold on top of a severe ragweed alert for the area. The worst has been he’s been out of school for two weeks now, and I fear shortly they may have him repeat his senior year. And then there’s the concern, “How will he deal in real life?”
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