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Halloween approacheth

Last year's goodie bags
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Well, Halloween is approaching. I tend to plan early, but I still roll my eyes at the Halloween displays in July, I mean come on. But now they seem more appropriate, and so I have started shopping for everything but the candy.

Candy lasts in our house naught but a millifortnight, so it?s best to get that last. And I get the GOOD stuff.

I spent part of last night shopping for the goodies. I wanted to totally change our house theme this year from spooky graveyard to 1950s space retro, but that will have to wait for another time. I even had the effects track. :(

So I did get some graveyard props. I got a set of head and hands that come up from the grave and glow, color changing pumpkin lights, and a glowing skull in a lantern cage. Kids this year get some bat whistles along with spider rings and some candy of course in a little ghosty bag like last year (I do love those ghosty bags). They may also get assorted leftovers from previous years.

Oh, and as always, the glow bracelets.
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