punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Life still sucking

CR is still sick, as I mentioned before, and they want to send him to a pulmonary expert. We managed to get a schedule NEXT Wednesday. Trouble is, as of tomorrow, CR has not been in school for 15 days. One more day, he’s expelled. Or excuse me, “un-enrolled.” :(

The IRS sent a messenger by my house today to sign some paperwork. They rejected my payment, but after speaking with the IRS, they said this was sent in error. Something funny is going on. The summary of this snafu is that AOL Time Warner sent in one tax claim, e-Trade sent in a conflicting one, and H&R Block screwed it up. The net result is I did owe money, but was billed for the wrong reasons. It barely makes sense, but oddly enough, the amounts settle down to roughly the same. At least I have a cancelled check to prove I paid somebody, even if I did have to pay over $1800 in penalties for being tax-dumb. :(
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