punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Waking up is hard to do...

I know that many of us, especially pals on my f-list, have trouble waking up. I also hear from time to time, tales of hitting the snooze button in your sleep and not knowing it. Today I heard someone unplugged their alarm clock in their sleep. I would go on about how this is indicative of having the wrong sleep habits, diet, and staying up until 12:30am to watch what you stored on the TiVo even though you have to be up by 7, but hey, I am not here to lecture.

What you all need is a bomb clock. Here's a clock that you have to be mentally awake enough to defuse like a bomb in a Bruce Willis film.

Or, you could have an alarm clock that runs away and hides from you, or even better, launches itself in the air and flies around your room, scaring your pets as well as forcing you to get up and chase it.

But this is what some of you may need, an alarm clock that is loud, vibrates, and flashes. This may not wake you up, but will annoy your sleeping partner to the point where THEY will wake your ass up.
Tags: alarm clock, gadget, sleep
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