punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

One of my finnier moments in life

Is doing IM sessions with ninjacooter while we both play XM Radios "On the Rocks" Channel (Retro Lounge Music). Some of this music is just... atrocious. So bad, it's hysterical. Sadly, none of our IM logs would make any sense unless you were listening to the same music we were at that moment. They kind of look like this:
(4:00:55 PM) Ninjacooter: AIEEEE - elevator music version of Tiny Bubbles.
(4:01:43 PM) Punk Walrus: OMG, yes!
(4:02:00 PM) Punk Walrus: HAH
(4:02:06 PM) Punk Walrus: Tom Jones marimba
(4:02:34 PM) Punk Walrus: "Faster... FASTER! Tom, we have to get speed, or we'll never get off the ground!"
(4:03:07 PM) Punk Walrus: and now... for the dulcet tones of Tom and his Sounds of Compunction
(4:03:33 PM) Punk Walrus: "Put Some Style in It" indeed...
(4:04:01 PM) Punk Walrus: Ska skater music...
(4:04:28 PM) Ninjacooter: I totally want to go to a rink playing this kinda music :)
(4:04:29 PM) Ninjacooter: and MOSH.
(4:04:33 PM) Punk Walrus: Oh yes
(4:04:55 PM) Punk Walrus: Beat the shit out of each other with rollergirls. Leave the pit missing teeth...
(4:05:05 PM) Ninjacooter: COMIN' ROUND!
(4:05:07 PM) Punk Walrus: ... part of a plaid tartan skirt...
(4:05:07 PM) Ninjacooter: *SMASH*
(4:05:41 PM) Punk Walrus: "Gramma! Stop freesylin' on the Clavanova...!
(4:05:51 PM) Punk Walrus: ...This is a wedding for God's sake!"
(4:06:41 PM) Punk Walrus: Grandma's had a seziure...
(4:07:33 PM) Punk Walrus: Tim Burton presents Peggy Lee...
(4:07:47 PM) Ninjacooter: *laughs*
Tags: bad music, im, lounge music
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