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What's wrong with CR

The current theory by the pulmonologist , based on symptoms and scans, is that he is violently allergic to formaldehyde. I told him not to drink the stuff, but kids these days... and pressure treated lumber is very resistant to bugs, too. Okay, seriously, he was exposed to it at school in his new anatomy and physiology class. It was necessary for his vet tech certification, and now we're at a loss because, well, you can't be in any medical profession without formaldehyde.

CR has decided through all this he wants to be a chef. I think there was always this narrowing down of what he would be capable of in the veterinary field with his asthma. I mean, at our vet's office, two people have asthma, and one of them has like 10 cats and 5 dogs in her house (one of the "calamities" one usually faces working in a vet's office is ending up with a lot of spare animals, ask anyarm). While CR excelled at his chosen profession, it looked like he would never get higher than a vet tech, which depressed him a little. This was sort of the final blow.

On top of all this, they think he got a raging sinus infection during his downtime, which may have led to sleep apnea, and possible acid reflux (which is a genetic issue on his mother's side). So he's on more meds, and will get a cat scan or MRI (I forget which) to check his sinuses because if he has the kind that they think he has, it requires a 45-90 day treatment of various stages of antibiotics. Makes me wonder if he needs a neti pot.

Anyway, that's the story so far. He went back to school again today, after being absent about 17 days out of 20. His school is trying to get him accommodated, and I want to thank Chantilly High for not being bastards about this whole thing. There are some people working there who have really been helpful, and while there are still some bureaucratic snags, we hope to have them resolved by the end of the second quarter so he can graduate in 2008.
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