punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

DOOOEEEeeewwww... [pop]

This morning was certainly exciting. The power was out in our building and the one across the street. All the people from various offices (including two MRI centers) were piled around outside when I got here. But one of the MANY perks of working for a data center is not only the even cooling of 65 deg data center gives you in the summer and the filtered air that is a blessing on those like me who suffer allergies; it's the fact we have backup generator power and two giant UPSs.

Although one of the UPSs (the size of 3 refrigerators) is on the other side of this wall as I type this. It makes me worry because I am one of the few allowed to have LCD monitors because the UPS magnetic field is so strong, normal CRTs will turn all sorts of colors. I wonder what this has done to my body over the last two years?

My hard drive hasn't been affected, though. [shrug]
Tags: health, power, work
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