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Another random retail story

I almost got fired once due to a shift change when I worked at Crown Books. I had a Saturday and Sunday off to see my fiancee in West Viorgina for the weekend. After I left early Friday. My boss had an emergency and scheduled me for Sunday in place of him, forgetting the fact I was out of town. Well, come Sunday, no one was there to open the store. We were closed all day, and the company couldn’t reach either one of us because I was in another state, and my boss was out of phone range (this was before people had cell phones).

I came to work Monday morning, and there was an entire crew of corporate people waiting for me. I thought it was a surprise audit, which we had once in a while, but there was also a set of “floaters” (people who don’t work at any one store, but sub for another store low on staff). I was told I was to be let go and why. I freaked out. I looked at the schedule, and saw my boss’s name had been erased and my name written in. I told them my side of the story, and after a lot of pleading, they agreed to wait until my boss came in. Either they were going to fire him or me, it seemed. That sucked, because I liked my boss. They were going to also fire our cashier who worked Sunday because he didn’t call the corporate office to tell them. Why couldn’t he? Phone numbers were in the store and there was a policy we weren’t allowed to copy them or take the “secret numbers” out of the store unless you were management.

Long story short, my boss took the heat, and nobody got fired.

Retail is weird.
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