punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Trick or Tater - Part III: You're no fun :(

[continued from parts one and two]

So the ticket waged on, and had a life of its own until some grinch nixed it.

            /  (
           /    \
          /      \ 
         /  0  0  \
 ((()   |    ()    |   ()))
 \  ()  (  .____.  )  ()  /
  |` \_/ \  `""`  / \_/ `|
  |       `.'--'.`       |
   \        `""`        /
    \                  /
     `.              .'    ,
      |`             |  _.'|
      |              `-'  /
      \                 .'

NOC: The ghost has chosen to haunt the VoIP lab and I cannot gain access to it as it is taunting me from the window. Latering for voice services.

VoIP: I banished the ghost, it is no more.

[The head of VoIP, a one-person department who demands to be known as "the head of" something, got mad that someone put it in "MY OFFICE!" which is really a storage area, and so confiscated and locked away the ghost in a manner that suggested he had taken a comic book or a set of chattering teeth from a grade school student. Much depression ensued among the ranks. So I had to get it back. But before I got a chance, someone with access to the ticket user authentication system...]

Ghost: "Boo! You cannot be rid of me that easily! I'm a GHOST!"

Software Engineering: Oh dear.... It looks like [SE engineers]'s desk somehow got hacked, and the Ghost created itself a profile!

Hosting: [really, me this time, proud of the anonymous Ghost user] Given the recent ticket comments, Hosting demands a corpse as proof of banishment.

[The head of networking made the VoIP weenie give me back the ghost, to which he handed it to me with great passive aggressive reluctance]

Hosting: Ghost corpse reviewed. Might be someone's former sense of humor that died in childhood.

[... the end?]

PS: Our overhead projector died. I thought of hanging the ghost from the empty mounts and putting a Post-It (Ghost-it?) that said, "Spirit of Overhead Projector."

PPS: Any ideas where to go from here?
Tags: ghost, halloween, prank, work
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