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My bravery for today...

Packaged DurianI have just had a durian.

What can I say? Most of you, I am going to guess, have NEVER heard of this fruit (except possibly wombat1138, who once shocked us by having canned white jelly fungus in her parent's cupboard). I had only heard OF it on the Food Network or something. Let me tell you... even though it was in a shrink-wrapped box filled with three cling-wrapped logs... all inside a plastic grocery bag... you could smell it coming in the room.

How do I describe it? I am sure many people have tried. My description is like a combination of leeks, gasoline, rotting fruit, and old diapers. The smell has the same tang fungus has when you find it on something in your fridge. There's a dusty rotten taste that hits you through your nose, and lingers like a volatile chemical one should vent before your OSHA inspector smells it.

But my boss and the data center technician wanted to try it, based on a semi-dare "there's no such thing" said by the NOC, who became conspicuously absent when the tiny bundle arrived. I *had* to taste it, because I heard it's actually good once you get past the smell.

When we cut through the shrink wrap on the box, our eyes started to water. But it was tolerable to me and my boss, while the DC guy left the kitchen. "I am not kidding guys," he warned us, "you can taste the smell even from out here." But I got used to it pretty fast. My boss knew HOW to eat it, so he said it was just the flesh. When we unwrapped the cling wrap, the smell got no worse. In fact, the bulk of the bad smell seemed to have already floated away, and was worse in the back of the kitchen than near the flesh of the fruit. Or maybe we just got used to it.

The flesh, by the way, looked like someone had left a soggy Dim Sum sausage at the bottom of a sink. It has a kind of fibrous "skin" much like a weak cloth, and the flesh was like custard. I took a small spoonful.

It was actually pretty good! No, really! I would have eaten a whole one if I didn't worry what my stomach might do with it (and so far, so good), and I was going to get on board the Metro in 40 minutes, so I didn't want to risk my stomach going, "Out. OUT!!" The taste was like spicy mango vanilla pudding with onions, but not really in a bad way. It tasted SOOO much better than it smelled.


I love new things.
Tags: durian, experiment, food, fruit
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