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Saturday - Part 2: Stodgycat's Party

I forgot how old he is, but he's sore about it, so I think... 50? 75? maybe even 80, that old fart. He's got like a bajillion kids, too. I was invited because they needed someone FAMOUS to attend, to get more draw.

Okay, enough with the ribs. Truth is, I was so tired when I got to his party, a lot of it was a blur. The night before, I babysat his kids, and I had some of the most amazing conversations with aksident until like 1am. I got to his party early and ended up helping clean as well (I did dusting and vacuuming). Then I went with stodgycat to pick up ninjacooter. We got food.

Then the party guests started to trickle in. There were a LOT of ex-AOL employees there. stodgycat said he pretty much emptied his address book. Many of them I hadn't seen for a long while. One of them was my former boss, "El Korbo," as we used to call him. He was a old-school computer geek (1970s tech) I think a fish out of water at AOL, but he's thriving as a photographer these days. I got him introduced to Anime conventions a while back, and now he's running Digital Cosplay. I hung out with the likes of Rich Anderson, Ray Catabay, Brian Symmes, Benu Bhargava, and even John Patterson was there.

But I was winding down fast. My feet hurt so bad, they were swelling. I got a ride back with moliarity and lohquesse, and had to leave during the cake part (I tried to take pictures, but my batteries died).

And spent Sunday sick. In fact, I am not well as a type this, and probably did not give the party a decent review that it deserved; I DID have a lot of fun, and want to thank stodgycat and cheesy_reads for having me.
Tags: aol, birthday, heares, party
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