punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

CR is sick again

After 4 days in school, he’s back out due to what might be a massive sinus infection. There’s a good chance now he will flunk this quarter, at the very least some of his courses. That doesn’t mean he’ll flunk the year, mind you, but now it’s like chaos with the school. takayla and I have also lost work over this.

Yesterday, he went back to the doctor, and they prescribed him more pills and put him back on steroids (which he hates). They think it’s possibly a massive sinus infection, so they put him on antibiotics, and he has a CT scan scheduled tomorrow. If there are chronic sinus issues, they may have to do an invasive procedure to clean it out.

I hope the poor guy feels better soon. :(
Tags: cr, medical, sick
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