punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Staying home gets work done

Yesterday, I was at home again, because CR was very sick. I mean, he LOOKS fine, until he has to move. He can barely walk a flight of stairs. CT scan is today.

I worked from home, but I confess, I took this opportunity to houseclean. I got a few projects done that I'd been putting off, and I feel a little good about them, as mundane as they are:

- I wrapped the recliner mechanisms in twine to prevent them from reclining. Those cheap-ass recliners broke within 8 months, and refuse to close, and then tilt you back into a recline that tips you to the side. The guarantee for them was only 90 days, and that was almost 2 years ago anyway. The entire back on one of them has now broken, and an inspection of the underside shows the cheapest crate pine wood you can imagine; it's the kind used in shipping pallets. The mechanism was metal almost as thin as an erector set. This represents the 3rd couch set we have had downstairs in 7 years, which represents a total cost of downstairs living room sets as $5200 so far. Next one is $200 from Craig's List I swear.
- I put rubber feet on the couches downstairs, so they don't slide around as much.
- 4 loads of laundry
- Cleaned up the rec room. Found a lot of forks, glasses, plates, and about a 13 gallon bag's worth of trash.
- Upgraded my Linux laptop to the new Kubuntu 7.10
- Did a few bags of trash. Then this morning forgot to put the can by the curb (ugh).
- Cleaned up the kitchen, did 2 loads of dishes.
- Cooked dinner (Italian honey-bread chicken thighs with carrots, mmmmm)
- Threw out more crap from my den. All my spare keyboards are gone, baby...

On Saturday the carpet cleaners come by. Upstairs is a total mess, so tonight I have to clean it all up and get it ready so they can shampoo the rug and sofas. They want us to remove ALL objects on top of other objects, because they will move furniture, but not lamps off of tables, for instance. Don't worry, the shampooing is fume-free, and CR will be downstairs the whole time (which does not have carpeting).
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