punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Carpet cleaners are here

And yiiiccch! Are my carpets filthy. I wish I was a better housecleaner. I keep meaning to keep the house and yard clean, but I can never seem to catch up. I am kind of trapped in my den while they clean the carpets. I haven't eaten yet today because we're low on food and I can't have anything delivered while these huge hoses go in and out of my house.

Thanks for the kind comments about CR, guys. He's about the same today, which is better than previous days. Some things I have found while doing research that might be of interest to others involved catching colds:


I have always told people that just being cold or whatnot does NOT make you more likely to be sick. They have done tons of studies since the 1970s, and still I hear people go on about this.
Tags: carpets, cleaning, cr, health, housework, medical
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