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Problems I have with shows

Some shows I like, but have reservations

There are two shows I have liked since I was a kid, and sometimes tape (much to takayla‘s annoyance): The Avengers and Mission Impossible. I am not a big fan of action shows these days because they are sometimes a little more complicated than I want to deal with. I am not a fan of subtext character drama. I want to see a group of people with intelligence and cunning solve a problem. I don’t want to see them in love with one another, and I really don’t care much for back story where it’s superfluous to the plot.

Like a lot of shows of that genre from the 60s and 70s, there seems to be a strange kind of disconnection from death and unconsciousness versus any form of reality. People get knocked unconscious fairly easily and often recover quickly. Many of them from moves that don’t even involve the head, like a karate chop to the shoulder blade. And they often recover quicker and have all their facilities more than most people with a concussion would have. No long periods of dizziness and nausea, disorientation, deafening ringing in the ears, or splitting headaches that last for days. Nobody has trouble with bright lights and memory loss. No, just a rub on the back the head, and within seconds they are no more out of it than someone waking up after a mid-day nap. “I must have been hit from behind,” says John Steed. It’s never, “Shit... what the fuck... owww... dammit.... what happened? Where am I? I think I’m gonna die...[barf]”

Ladies and gentlemen, *I* have been hit in the head several times enough to knock me out, and believe you me, that’s not something you recover from easily.

Next is the speedy recovery from gunshot wounds. Now, I have never been shot. I have been stabbed, which is a lot less than a shooting (I assume), and I had a lot of trouble using that arm for weeks. I would imagine being shot in the hand or arm would mean if I don’t get to a hospital pronto, no amount of macho field wrapping is going to make me survive to diffuse that atomic bomb with delicacy. On TV, people who get shot never have a messy exit wound, either. And people get shot in the shoulder, and yet can still use that arm. In fact, it seems that people who have been shot quickly recover even without proper medical care. Nobody ever bleeds to death, although their shirt or pants leg is soaked with enough blood to cause unconsciousness. Recovery for gunshots in some films involves maybe a few days in the hospital, and then good as new.

Not many characters ever seem to keep scars, either. I have seen some people get cut up pretty bad in the face, but in less than a few days, no scars. My son banged his brow in the tub when he was 7, and he still has that scar on his eyebrow. I still have stab wounds on my arm, and scars on my knuckles and knees from various accidents and beatings I got when I was a kid.
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