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CR Update

Well, they are waffling on the diabetes thing. First they said he had it with a blood sugar in like 400 or so. Then the next test he was 90. Then they said it was the steroids. Then he was at 330. Then they said steroids would only increase the count to maybe 50, not 300. So they have cut all salt, sugar, and carbs from his diet. So when I got home from work to visit him, he was on steroids, starving, getting insulin shots, and got the whole, "So you're fat..." set of videos (but no VCR to play them). He was all sorts of pissed off; both chemically and emotionally.

They still don't know why he has trouble breathing, but he's breathing more normally now. He's on a steady set of nebulizer treatment, steroids, antibiotics, insulin, and getting his blood drawn every 12 hours. The current consensus is that they will adjust his medicine a little, but not much. Our biggest fear is that he'll be let go without any plan beyond the hospital stay and be right back to where he started. We fear he's been defined as "fat" and they may just stop diagnosing anything else.

I managed to cheer him up a little, explaining why he was fat, how the world sees fat people, and what we should do about it. I have a huge speech that goes with this, but it's almost 2am as I write this, so I am not going into it. But he was in better spirits when our friend Gay dropped by to chat. We stayed until about 10, and then Gay gave me a lift home.
Tags: asthma, cr, hospital, medical
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