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CR Update

He's well enough to be released on Sunday, they think. He's now been reduced to "diabetic tendencies," and will be on Metformin. No idea what happened or why he got sick. No assurance they cured anything that won't just come back next week. Another lecture on weight and we should get rid of cats and move to another house "just to be sure." While the conversation started out pleasant, the doctor because rather sarcastic and alarmist rather quickly after I asked her more detailed questions about what went wrong with his breathing in the first place. I was having issues with an answer like, "These things sometimes happen." It was apparent she was taking my questions personally, and not as queries, and I had to repeat in a calm voice I was just asking because nobody seemed to have a plan except "keep taking medications." What should we look for, are there breathing exercises, should he wear a mask, what long term strategies do you have besides "watch his diet" and "get exercise" do you have?

The whole thing seemed rather "take two pills and call me in the morning" to me.

She then switched tactics and made some assumptions about how we raise him, and kept telling me, "He has to keep taking his medication!" I know! I never said he didn't; I watch him do it every day. He knows too! And yes, my wife IS aware, *she's* the one who handles the prescriptions in this house. Stop saying that, you are answering a question I didn't ask. I asked only once, "How do we reduce his dependencies on medication and replace it with diet, exercise, and so on?" and she just assumed after that I wanted him off his meds like I was some herbal loonie or Christian Scientist or something.

"JAY-suz shall HAIL mah sun... and no med-dee-CAY-shuns shall the devil bring..."

Very frustrating.
Tags: asthma, cr, hospital, medical
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