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CR is home

First thing CR did was take a shower. He had been showering in the hospital, but they didn't have anything but baby shampoo and a mild soap. He's on many meds, has a huge list of instructions, and we visit the pulmonologist again later this week.

His breathing was much improved, then took a downturn when we came outside, but it recovered. He still gets dizzy and out of breath rapidly. He demanded we go to the Olive Garden, where he snarfed a lot of food because the hospital left him starving. The diabetes thing has been reduced to Metformin while he's on steroids, but apparently they had some nutritionist come in and discuss things with him.

While he showered and settled in back home, I followed takayla around and helped her find some of the elements to her "Lady Luck" costume. She's going to a costume party after we hand out candy on Wednesday. I can't go, I am on call starting Monday until the Monday before my birthday (standard 2 weeks). I shopped for the rest of what I am putting in the goodie bags: full sized Milky Ways, Reeces Cups (2 pair packaged), and Charms Blow pops. I wanted Tootsie Pops, but they were out. Sadly, they also reduced the number of bars per box from 48 to 36. We usually get about 50 kids, and I try and have two things per bag, so I am doing a mix, getting rid of the chocolate first before I eat them all. If I plan this right, I should end up with just Blow Pops left.

I also got some stuff to fix a lot of my... necklaces. I have collected a lot of them over the years, and one large one had been a lump of various objects that I need to separate. I got some satin string and a few pretty beads to space things. Now 4 necklaces can become 7! Wait...

Two friends volunteered to help move CR from his room to my den, which will put him in a smaller room (which he asked for) and put me in a bigger one with carpeting (yay). But they are coming next weekend at 3, so I have to rush like mad to sort through my shit in my den, and clean up his room more so I can put it in.

Oh, last night we celebrated Samhain a little early with some friends. It was great; we spoke of many people who had passed, celebrated our pal Kenny's birthday with some cake, and generally raised a lot of good energy. I really hope the New Year will be good to me because this year sucked something horrible.
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