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Viral Marketing... okay, I'm buying

My general determination of whether I pay like $10 to see something on the big screen as opposed to just waiting for it to come out on DVD goes a little like this:

1. Is it a movie I want to watch?
I mean, I don't like horror or gore, not into gay pr0n, and a majority of action movies are pretty generic and dull. Not a fan of goofball comedies that use stereotypes, either. This step is pretty "duh," though I list it because it cuts out at least 90% of the movies out there.

2. Does it have huge special effects or is it a musical?
Some stuff gets lost off the big screen. The example I always give is "Jurassic Park." When I saw it in the theaters, it blew me away. "ZOMG!! DINNOSARS R TEH AWESOMES!!1!!" When I saw it on TV? "Man... this is a little cheesy." But even special effects couldn't save "Waterworld," and barely saved the first two Star Wars prequels. "Moulin Rouge" was incredible on both screens, but it's nice to be surrounded by 5.1 Dolby with a score like that. That's why I went to see the musical version of "Hairspray" when it came out.

3. Is it a movie I have been looking forward to?
This is for when I can't wait for it come out on DVD because I must know how it ends! Usually serials I have been following like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

4. If I am with a group, and we're going out anyway, is it a movie I can tolerate?
Boy, I have been in this position more than I care to admit, although not much in the last ten years. The worst was when I was outvoted 3 to 1 to see "Speed," a movie which I hated so much, I can't stand Sandra Bullock to this day. That's two hours of my life I'll never get back. I've had exams go better than that film. That was the only film I ever saw where I must have looked at my watch more than once every 5 minutes. Well that and Goldblum's version of "The Fly," which was just gross; I almost walked out on that film when he started pulling off his own fingernails. Blecch.

All that being said, do a search for movies and "01-18-08." Or just see the obscure and tantalizing trailer. This is an untitled J.J. Abrams ("Lost" co-creator) project aka Cloverfield, 01-18-08, or simply "The Parasite Movie." Nobody knows much about it. The teaser I lnked to was shown before the Transformers movie, and everyone is talking about it.

Viral marketing is kind of clever, because it uses the concept that gossip spreads quicker though lack of details and yet gives out vague hints. The trailer looks pretty awesome as far as special effects go.
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