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Tech - Various tech stuff I did today

Today, I did some cleanup of the asshat blog spammer. I still have about 120 comments to delete. People have been asking if it was "Ted" and I say it most likely isn't even remotely related. It's just some jerkoff spammer who had a "Smear Spam Feces in Greymatter blogs" script on some zombie machines.

Ted, BTW, stopping looking at my blog around Christmas, so maybe he got a boyfriend. I hope he's just happy and satiated, wherever he is. I don't wish ill will on him, because I suspect he only tried to attack my blog section when he was unhappy, so, Happy New Year Ted! :)

I also continued my network upgrade. I now have moved the IPCop box from behind to the firewall to actually being the firewall. I'm keeping an eye on it today; checking the IDS and firewall logs in a paranoid mode. The Linksys that WAS the firewall was in terrible shape; it was splotched with some glossy film in places (which came off with spit and a tee shirt), it was very dusty, had dead flower petals in the vent holes, and both the router and power supply was very hot to the touch. I suspect part of the problem was the location: Christine's battered shelf in her den. But it couldn't have helped that something kept yanking on the LAN cables, and pulling the router to the floor. I have tied up the cables in the back, but I'm looking around Christine's den to find some way to secure them, maybe create a "stress relief boot" section of the LAN cables should they (and they will) get yanked again. Now I have the wired part of the house fully up to 100mps speed, so "Woo hoo!" Wireless is set up for B/G, but our LAN cards are all B currently, which, again, is enough. The cable connection is only 10mps speed, and honestly, since we don't do file trading or watch video streaming all the time, it's enough for a while.

Oh, and that old noisy rack-mounted Tiger SMC Switch? Off. And my den is 50% quieter for it.

Also, I installed a USB Card into my Windows box, since it only came with 2 on the mobo, and I put in two quiet fans to replace one noisy cheap one that I had in there. I found actual spiderwebs.

OMG, Hueg SpiDAR!!!1!!oneone!!

No, actually, it was one teeny dead one. This makes the second spider that made a home in one of my boxes; the last remaining Windows 98 box I have in the guest room also had a huge nest of spiderwebs in it, which eventually fried the network card (an old SMC ISA... good riddance).
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