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Halloween 2007

Skull in a Lantern
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Blessings for the Wiccan New Year to any Pagan friends I have, or if I had Pagan enemies, them too. Or any Pagans who just feel so-so about me.

We had about 35 kids this year. Down from last year, but still not too bad. I think the delay in daylight Savings time from last Sunday on October to November-ish screwed everyone up. I know it's much darker than it used to be getting to and from work.

The Heares were here, as usual. I enjoy them so much. CR was able to come out for a few minutes at a time (his CT scan and visit from the social worker for home schooling will be Friday). anyarm was sick, but still hung out with us. takayla was stunning in a hand-made costume of a Vegas version of Lady Luck. I just wore my fake fur tail (which I call my Jo-ann tail from my late friend Jo-ann who used to wear a tail everywhere), and the Heares returned my New Orleans jester hat. Hooray!

Pictures forthcoming.

Work was uneventful. I wore my tail, but Brad wore his silver dragon head and hands! His costume, which he had specially made years ago by the same folks who made Barney the Dinosaur (really) is an impressive piece. He didn't wear the foam suit or feet, but that's because he had to work :).

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