punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This is how bad spam has gotten

Here's our company's mail stats for about 250 customers that use our mail services this month:
Total Emails Processed      13,058,261   

Rejected, Invalid Address   11,257,145  86% 
Rejected as Spam             1,583,873  12% 
Rejected as Virus               15,868   0% 
Rejected, Invalid Domain         9,838   0% 
Rejected, MIME Errors               10   0% 
Total Emails Blocked         12,866,734 99% 

Tagged as Clean                 159,628  1% 
Tagged as Spam                   31,899  0% 
Total Emails Forwarded          191,527  1% 

Look at that. 99% of all our e-mail rejected due to spam. Jesus, spam is bad out there.
Tags: email, spam, work
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