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I am so sleepy

I was up until 3am with a work-related migration. While the work itself was simple and pretty much worked, it took a long time, and required some specific repetitive tasks in a specific order. Move this, not that, run this, remove this from there, add this to here, add this to pool, remove from old pool, specify IP from pool on new site... etc. if you screwed up the order, a cascading failure would occur and that would be very hard to fix.

Most of the time was due to a slow connection from one server to another, about 9kb/sec on average. This made it more difficult to pay attention and keep track of what step you were on.

In other news, my personal remote server (in our data center; a freebie perk) died. Man... this news won't affect anything, unless you like generating Prune Bran scripts and like takayla's emoticons. I am building a new one; that hardware always did suck and I really think it's my fault for buying an el cheapo motherboard (it used to be takayla's desktop, and never did work properly). It's being replaced by a black monolith of a generic Dell I somehow ended up with. I am also done with Fedora as a distro; it updates too quickly and becomes unsupported within two upgrades. It's being reformatted with CentOS (a far more stable, enterprise like system with a Red Hat base).
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