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More weekend madness: moving rooms

So far, I have managed not to get sick despite being exposed to many sick people over the last week. This is a great streak for me, usually I am down and out for the count after just one sneezy exposed person.

I worked my hardest to get CR out of his room and into mine (and vice versa). I was supposed to do a lot of packing and moving by this weekend, but due to being on call and other issues, I barely scraped more than a few boxes of crap. At least I got my table cleared. I also managed to buy a new door, get the network rewired (my den used to be the central network source), and a new ceiling fan put in. That would have been IMPOSSIBLE had it not been for the invaluable help from tth and Chris, known as "gypsy_sylvin's Chris."

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you guys! [grovel]

They did a majority of the cat6 wiring work, as well as hauling me back and forth from Lowes. I found out my beloved Sears Craftsman drill is dead. I am not sure if both rechargeable batteries are dead or the drill itself. :( And I found replacement drills are VERY expensive; I paid $65 for mine in 2000, and a replacement is like $199. Fuck me.

I did all the ceiling fan work. CR ruined his by smashing out the light portion some years ago, and more recently, breaking a fan blade. Now there is a lovely 3-blade 50" fan light with a slim profile and I must say, I am proud of myself for getting it all wired right, working, and working SMOOTHLY; ceiling fans are very prone to wobble if not installed to a millimeter of precision, and I am proud to say there's nary a wobble, and when you're under it, it makes a cool swooshing noise. It's the ONLY ceiling fan we have that does not wobble (the previous owners bought cheap fans and installed them badly).

The door still needs drilled and hung. Due to the previous owner's "bargain buys," they had a really non-standard door for CR's room which broke in part due to being cheap and CR's lack of care in taking care of a cheap door hastened its eventual decline. There was also an incident when it got stuck, and I had to beat it down. The old one was held together with duct tape, had no doorknob anymore, and was garishly colored (the previous owner also had this theory to save paint you put on one primer and then dab dots all over the room with a sponge to give it a stippled effect).

More moving needs to be done. I have to totally clean out his room to make room for my stuff. There are simply not enough boxes. I think out of 100% of stuff, we have boxes for 20-30% of it. I have thrown away a LOT, and still... more stuff. I just never ends. This weekend I finally got my work table cleared.
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