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OMG!! Your so stupit!!1! LOL!!

In 1993, when a lot of my readers were probably around pubescence (I am OLD), the world of the Internet collapsed for the rest of us nerds in a sea of mediocre posts. It started when America Online allowed its users to post on Usenet. My friend Dillo said at the time, "This was the worst thing I ever saw. It made America suddenly look like a but of morons. Then, in horror, I realized this was a pretty accurate assessment."

I once had an essay about how AOL ruined the Internet, but had to remove it in haste when, ahem, I ended up getting a job there. Now I can post, again, in public, how AOL has ruined the Internet. But, really, if not them, then someone else would have. Prodigy and CompuServe didn't exactly put out a sea of Nobel prize winners, either.

I break down the stupidity into several complaints, but someone has targeted one of them... finally. It's called StupidFilter:


Using a similar way you can programmatically recognize spam, they plan to use programming to look for things that characterize stupidity. They will then assign particular tokens different weights based on how often they occur in hand-picked examples of idiotic comments, like Naive Bayes Classifiers.

Is this elitist? Probably. It is a slippery slope. But then again, it's the same blurred edge as free speech versus spam. In any case, I am fascinated how many of MY posts would qualify! :)
Tags: aol, internet, usenet
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