punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Maybe God thinks I am not funny

So it appears the Riot Act in DC has gone from “under renovations” to “finding a new home.” This can’t be good. They link to a site right in my back yard, but it’s not a comedy club per se, but a restaurant that has a raised area that every Saturday, they clear away a few chairs and hook up a mike and an amp (I am guessing via the photos on their amateur web site).

So I sent mail to the DC Improv, even though they require a taped performance. Maybe the demo reel they want is not official, and I can do my bit in front of my cats. After sending out the mail, I got an immediate bounce back stating “no such user” from the postmaster account (the e-mail they listed on their site) to “Ryan.” I suspect “postmaster” was an alias for “Ryan” who is a deleted account. So no e-mail there, unless “Ryan” was only one of several e-mail addresses postmaster goes to.

I checked the web domain, and it’s hosted in a town house in Reston. Coincidentally, the company that host’s the DC Improv site is run by two people where one of them is a former employee at AOL I knew, but never worked with directly. He was... a little squirrely.

This all makes sense now...

... if only it made sense to ME...
Tags: aol, comedy, standup, work
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