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Poll - Gut instinct

How much do you trust your "gut" instinct?

Have you ever called a relative or friend to make sure they are okay, for no other reason than you felt you had to make sure they were okay?

Have you ever disliked or "felt uneasy" about someone upon first sight, even though they never did anything negative to you or anyone you know?

Have you ever avoided going somewhere you normally would like to go because something didn't feel right, and no matter how you try to analyze your fear, the only scenario that seems definite in your head is staying at home is much preferable?

Have you ever been right?

How about wrong? Did you ever wonder what made you feel that way?

Have you ever tried to measure how many times you've been right versus been wrong, and thought that coming up with an actual numeric ratio would give you a percentile you could use for some prediction purpose? Or is it just me?

Like I'd roll a 2d10 or something. Damn, Punkie.
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