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So, my birthday party was this weekend.

It was a “Vicars and Tarts” party, which makes the third risque party theme I have held (previous ones have been Rocky Horror and Mardi Gras). Why do I do this? Anyway, while the guest list was supposed to be about 30, many people did not show by the end, and so I really had about 15 or so. But they were good, quality guests. I won’t tell you who they were, because some people may not want to admit it because it could affect future security clearance. But there was drinking. And boobage. No toplessness this time, so that makes the Mardi Gras the most risque party still, but this came close. Big on the bewbs. Two dildoes made their rounds. There was a Cardinal Rapture with some whores.

One of our guests had a permanent erection as part of his costume. Half the pictures took, I did not upload to Flickr. I still am debating on some I did put up there.

It became apparent that I screwed up the invitation list with Evite. Some people didn’t get invited like they should have, mostly because I didn’t have a current e-mail address for them. If you were not invited and think you should have been, it was definitely not a snub. It was a clerical error on my part. I profusely apologize.

That dominated my weekend: party prep, the party, cleanup, and crashing most of Sunday. Again, great thanks to those who came, stayed until 4am or later, and drained a lot of my remnant alcohol (the bottles less than half full). We downed so many bottles, our recycling tomorrow will look like a dumpster outside a bar.
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