punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

81st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

This is the years your Uncle Punkie became aware of bad ideas for musicals.

Young Frankenstein? Legally Blond? Xanadu? Okay, well, I know Xanadu was a musical before, but it was still bad, and did not need to be reincarnated as a Broadway Musical. They even kept in the roller skating! No wonder those stagehands went on strike.

And is it me, being in the 21st century where preteens are dressed like whores, and showing your cooch when you get out of a car doesn't affect your public opinion that has me so jaded when I see the Rockettes and wonder what the point is? Do those girls do anything but dress like skimpy women by 1960s Vegas standards and kick? Has anyone seen their show in the last 10 years who can tell me what else they do? I keep feeling like I would appreciate them if I still considered the "can-can" to be risque...

"Oh... he's old..." said takayla upon seeing Bob from Sesame Street. They have a new character called Abby Cadabby.

Sanrio has infected the parade with the Hello Kitty virus, She's not pink, which was a little surprising.

Bindi Sue Irwin scares me. Her Keebler elf face and stale perky disposition shows no expression, so it's hard to tell why she continues on with her late dad's work.

Did you see Virgina Tech had an empty space in their Highty Titighties precision band? That was for one of their band mates who was killed in the shooting. That was touching.

Good Charlotte on the HESS float? What match in hell...? For Good Charlotte, I mean. They stuck the drummer under the bridge on the float, giving him a hidden trollish look.
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